Yorkshire Region Winter League News

Members who are interested in taking part in competitions across the Yorkshire Region during the Winter 2021/22 can find details of these on the Yorkshire Petanque website or talk to Suham, Thierry, or Mike for further details.

Current Winter League standings (after 5 events) show that of 100 or so players who have played in at least one event we have 6 players (Lee-3rd, Mike-12th, Thierry-17th, Garry-19th,Madeleine-21st, Suham-30th) in the top 30. In addition Fabian and Remi have also played in 2 events. See the full table at https://www.yorkshirepetanque.co.uk/Results.aspx. Click on ‘Winter Table’ to see the full table


Results of the Bridlington Pairs – 17/10/21

Lee and Madeleine came third out of the 20 pairs competing with 4 wins out of 5 games. Garry and Suham were 7th, also with 4 wins. Fabian and Mike were 14th with 1 win. Thierry and Debbie (who is from Hollicarrs club) were 16th with 1 win and finally, Remi and Ray (also from Hollicarrs) were 17th with 1 win.